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How messed up is my life? i feel like an idiot

My life and online Casino's
Hi there, my name is Kevin and i would like to tell you all my story.
I started gambling online when i was 19, my very first cash out was 18,000 from Bet365, i was so happy that i could accomplish such easy money in no time
by playing roulette, that i didn't look for a way out of that, after several more deposits and losses i self excluded my self by asking the casino to kick me out.
I then went on to play on a website called Guts and won 80,000 this got me very excited and on to something new,
after playing so much again i decided to self exclude my self.
After that experience i started to loose more and more, and i would cash out 10k here and 20k there but not anything big like my mind wants.
i started to take loans from two different fast loan companies and my bank and my family and friends.

I don't care to read a book or watch a movie or do something nice with my family, all that goes through my mind is to gamble and make a better life for my family
and other's around me. I do care for people a lot i just don't care for money my aim is to always hit a big amount as that's my dopamine like an addiction fuel.

I recently had started with a new online casino called Trada, this was it i was excluded from most of the good ones and this was my final spot i thought.
after loosing about 40k here in a year they would always credit me bonus money 1000$, 500$, 200$ and so on. After my bank roll got very low they started giving me lower
cash bonuses of 50$ and 35$ well this one time they gave me $35 about 3 weeks ago i managed to bring it up to 36,000 and cash out 15,000
which i received in two days and bring the rest of it to $433,000. I end up going straight to the live chat and the
agent starts to congratulate me and go crazy for me and assures me i would get paid, and says you have a monthly
withdrawal limit of 15000$ how ever i could allow you an extra 5000$ today for this big win and sends the money off to me which i received
i then asked him for a larger cash out as this was incredible money to me it would change my life he says yea sure we will discuss it with you tomorrow add me to whats app.

After adding him to whats-app the very next day he messages me and says

"It was noticed that unfortunately, you received a bonus that you played with and actually
won thanks to this loyalty bonus of C$35 issued on the 3rd September."

and goes on to say i breached there bonus terms which i had no idea about and basically the bonus terms say

"Winnings received through the use of the free bonus (no deposit) or free spins shall not exceed €100.
Any winnings which shall be made with the free bonus or free spins which exceeds the €100 maximum, shall be considered as nil,
and shall not be recorded as winnings. Only the maximum winnings of €100 can be withdrawn by the Player subject to the terms specified in the Bonus Policy. "

and they said that i should have never received the two cash outs but they don't want it back and then offered me a $500 free no restriction bonus that i
could also cash out.

anyway you could only imagine how i felt i argued for hours trying to say that's not fair and that they already cashed me some out and told me i won
and it was only 35$ how could they do that to me after playing for so long and loosing so much.

I was disgusted and upset and devastated. I then went on to another casino called Light Casino and i said to my self let me read there terms and everything which i did
it also had terms of max cash out of $18,000 per month which i said was ok and more as you get higher levels.

I went on Light Casino's chat and spoke to a guy named James, and asked him how much i could cash out monthly and he tells me 18,000 no issue
i said fine i created my account and started playing.

I turned 200$ this time to $133,000 i'm not joking and it was my cash money i go on to the chatroom and discuss cash out options and they tell me i have to cash
out through my profile which is cool so i go to the cash out section and my only cash out method is Etransfer and it's $1000 per withdrawal so i fume and come back
to live support and say im gonna need a bigger lump sump how can i cash out $1000 at a time, the agent proceeds to tell me that i can't cash out more then $1000
e transfer per every 3 business day's.

I got extremely angry and mad i explained to him when i signed up i was told i could cash out $18,000 he said ya but in multiple transactions of 1k per e transfer
per every 3 business days?

basically saying you can never get your money making me extremely angry and i played it all(chasing the other 400k i dreamed of and being very stupid that is).

ALL IN ALL guys i could say i have been scammed all my life, the only fair casino i played on was the guts one
(im not encouraging you to go on it but they cashed me out 80k in two days).

i feel like i want to kill my self, i don't know what to feel i mean i realize i'm a degenerate gambler and i need help big time but i don't think people who
win should be taken advantage of like that and lied to and cheated!

tdlr; i won 430k, and they basically wanted to give me 100$ saying they already gave me to much.
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FAO Devs: Concerns about FUNFAIR

I've been provided the following summary by a guy who is contemplating investing in FF. He has a lot of experience in the area, and his thoughts raise a few questions which I'd like to see addressed by the FunFair development team, so if you guys are around, would be good to get your take on the following (apologies for formatting, paragraphs not showing up for some reason):
"Funfair at that price is still a good buy. Look people love gambling online, the concept is fantastic and ultimately could be a huge winner but I have some concerns.
The people running it are still a limited corporation right with the ultimate aim being to make money, they don't pretend otherwise and thats to their credit.
The potential risks are, in this order, user experience and adoption. You can't get supreme user experience without adoption and ultimately historical user data and you can't get adoption without ongoing usage.
I'll list what I feel their - huge - challenges are:
There are some serious players in the online gambling space that offer b2b platforms. Playtech essentially provides the software for all the casino, bingo, slots and poker platforms of the likes of Paddy Power, William, Coral, Mansion, Bet365, Gala, 888, Titan, Ladbroke, Betfred and a shit ton of others.
Microgaming would be their closest competitors - they have Unibet, Nordicbet, BetVictor and a ton of others.
There are others that have been before, and been very good but closed down due to being unable to keep market share of were simply bought out. It's an incredibly competitive space.
Playtech and Microgaming develop and maintain solutions that are then licensed to their clients on multi year, multi million dollar contracts. That's the space Funfair wants to operate in. They will not offer live services, their business model is to license their platform to others.
The question here is, who do they license to? All the big players are already tied up with the two noted service providers above - or run their own proprietary software like Stars/Tilt/Party.
The noted above essentially rules out the top 15 online gambling operators that account for well over 95% of the market. The others feed on their scraps, and ultimately profit out of regulation dodging.
I worked in online gaming for many years, in marketing then development then operations and localisation and back to marketing. I started in 2002 and spent a lot of time going back and forth to Costa Rica and other mental locations working with the likes of Titan, CD, Bodog, Absolute, UB and Microgaming before moving to Full Tilt full time in LA, Vancouver and Dublin from 2005 to 2011.
I seen online gambling come out of nowhere in a completely unregulated space and explode, I was there when compliance and regulatory bodies were Indian reservations in Canada and also saw and lived through the real regulation slowly creep in and one swoop wipe 40%+ value off companies overnight or even cripple companies along the way, all for the good of the Vegas casinos btw, absolute scumbags.
The one thing that I had a lot of insight to was user numbers, user experience and player behaviour and retention across a very very large period of time so the sample data is huge. Full Tilt and Stars were trading blows in late 08 to late 09 in what was an insane period of traffic potentially hitting 125,000 users online at any given time on both networks, that was just poker.
On casino, slots and bingo, the peak network numbers were approximately 60,000 at any given time on the big sites. But that wasn't consistent wagering. I believe it's dropped significantly since I vacated the industry. Skinned sites could make their owners a comfortable living on <1000 users, again though a lot of skins still get their licensing certification from fake regulatory bodies in Kahnawake, or Panama.
The "legit" businesses are all regulated by either Isle Of Man, UK, Malta or Alderney gaming commissions.
If they're a multi country facing operation, and are not regulated by one of the above - chances are they're operating illegally with no proof of customer funds being held in escrow.
There are of course country specific regulations such as in France and Italy where you can only operate online gambling legally by offering it as a separate player pool as your main offering so that only players in that geographical location can play on the country specific platform, no one from the outside can play in it and no one in the country can play on non country specific networks. They audit the software, as much as they're allowed to, and sign off on changes before it goes live. That regulation model is spreading at a huge rate.
The regulation is crazy. I worked a lot on the license applications at Tilt in France and Italy and it was absolutely insane the hoops that had to be jumped through just to get a sub par product on the market.
The reason I bring up regulation in so much depth is because all the b2b suppliers specified above will not offer the software to anyone without the correct licensing in place, and that needs to be provided in advance pre any agreement being signed. So all the "big boys" have licenses to operate in all their jurisdictions legally.
What happens then is because the b2b suppliers have the comfort that these operators have invested all the time, money and effort into obtaining legal licensing on all these markets, they know they're serious and have subsequently got them tied up to long term deals which makes them ultimately unavailable for the likes of funfair to market to.
Don't forget it's not also just about the technology, it has to be a great visual user experience.
That's a big problem because it only leaves rogue or lightly regulated operators as the people funfair could realistically license to, which is never going to encourage widespread adoption.
Its with that in mind that I feel the only potential for the funfair technology to really take off as a main player is to be absorbed by Playtech or Microgaming (or Stars) to introduce the technology into their own offerings OR they come out with a serious marketing budget and play the " how do you know you're not being cheated" card and create such a worldwide buzz in the industry with technology of total transparency that they create a 2.0 bubble, but in my conversations with them directly and with the research I've done, they're holding back on complete transparency - at least for now.
It's interesting for sure, I'll invest in the upcoming - primarily because I do believe in Ethereum significantly as a framework, but not sure for how much."
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Sports betting is very popular in our country at the moment. More people should understand how crooked bookmaking is and how morally questionable bookmakers are.

bet365 have a £20 Billion turnover with £213.8 million profit they're the biggest sports betting company in the world.
Allow me to explain how sports betting companies like them make so much damn money, and why I believe it's an immoral system, which exploits human nature and punishes it.
How bookmaking works:
Sports betting is the act of placing bets on markets in sport such as football or horse racing, where the odds are set by bookmakers. These odds are based on the mathematical likelihood of events occurring - except that a significant portion of the probability is kept in favour of the bookies, to ensure profits regardless of outcome. For example:
Two identical football teams play in fair and unbiased playing conditions going to penalties in the event of a draw. Each team to win should have odds of 1/1 (even money) so 50% probability.
However a betting company would supply odds of 5/6 in this situation, with 5/6 being a ratio of money won: to money put on.
In this example probability likelihood is proportional to money spent vs. money put on, so as a probability it would be 5 out of 11 parts so 45% likelihood.
You can see straight away that the betting company is therefore making 10% profit for themselves in any eventuality.
That's just football, in horse racing bookmakers can make gross profit of up to 90% because the more participants in a competition the easier it is to disguise the trick of odds setting, and make it seem like probabilities of events occurring when in fact the only certainty is the old adage "the bookmaker always wins."
These markets then change based upon what punters back, the odds go in or out for each selection, but the bookmaker's slice of the pie is always maintained.
Why is this bad?
Obviously it's bad because it's addictive but we'll get on to that. It's bad on more mechanical terms because it's a very well disguised trick, and one that punters hardly ever truly understand the dangers of. The more times you play into a crooked system the less likely you are to succeed, for all your sporting know-how and for all your early successes the system will nearly always catch up with you. You see your friends facebook statuses talking about their big accumulator? Well the betting company sees their account history and it's heavily in the red.
It's also highly addictive, the punter savours the wins, and feels intoxicated with the idea that they know more about it than your averge betting Joe. They're wrong. Your average power-bettor is a clever middle aged man who thinks he knows more than the other million clever middle aged men. They can't all be right can they? No, is the answer, however those early successes that they bragged about to their friends, they chase the magic dragon trying to recapture that early glory so they can finally quit for the month 'up on the bookies' unless they're keeping count, which is very depressing business', they often feel like the last win they had somehow recouped all their losses when in fact it barely scratched the surface. Instant deposit accounts and in-play markets will do that for you. Sorry for staring to heavily generalise but I can't help it.
Why are bookmakers immoral?
They're immoral because not only do they reap the harvest of this glorified carnival trick, they also add insult to injury by carefully and unscrupulously monitoring their customers. The best customers (the heaviest losers) are given bonuses as rewards for their repeated losses, with the heaviest losers being given the biggest rewards, this often comes in literal bonuses on their accounts. The worst customers (those that somehow manage to win in such adverse conditions) are treated with extreme prejudice and when they get to a certain ratio have their accounts analysed, their details monitored and passed to other betting firms. If you somehow win in betting you're a cheat - that's how the betting companies view you, you know things they don't know, you know too much. They restrict the amount you can bet as much as they can without alarming the customer, they'll just see the 'maximum stake' for a bet lower itself dramatically only on their account. In extreme cases they have their accounts closed, however this is a last resort. In the very worst cases and I'm talking Robert De Niro from Casino levels of betting prodigy - they're contacted and offered jobs as traders to ensure the system is kept in favour of the bookies at all costs.
So not only are the odds stacked, the punters themselves are knee capped should they somehow succeed.
  • Only bet for fun, never for profit.
  • Only bet what you're prepared to lose.
  • Only seriously bet if you actually know specialist information about the sport you're betting on, not just that you've played Football Manager and have a hunch.
  • Take your friend's wins with a gigantic pinch of salt, as they're not telling you their losses.
  • Accumulators are the worst kind of bets relative to the probabilities involved. They favour the betting companies at a disproportionate rate the more bets you add to your accumulator. The returns of winning do not multiply in a way that offsets this.
  • Singles are the markets betting company's like least as the trick of bookmaking is disguised the least.
The above was obviously a simplification of bookmaking theory, infused with my own opinions. My background was as a Maths graduate working in a betting call centre for two years occasionally hearing grown men have emotional break downs.
Feel free to do your own reading:
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My online gambling experience and opinion + My online gambling plans for this weekend.

Okay so the first time I tried online gambling was in the summer of 2015, I tried my luck on 888 poker because I wanted to learn how to play in poker tournaments and GSP was promoting it at the time lol. I deposited $50 and got a $50 match bonus so I had $100 to play with. I played a few tournaments and soon realized how long a single tournament could take and how disheartening it was to spend so much time and to not even place to make money. So I soon found out that there was a 888 casino with slot games and live table games. I thought it was super cool that you can play with a real dealer and found it amusing they actually call your name out and say hi when you sit down at the table. I spent about 6 hours playing that night which saw me get my bankroll up to $550, but I kept playing and at one point I was down to $400 and super tired (probably like 5am) when I decide to make the largest bet of my life and throw $400 all in on one hand. I can't remember the exact hand but all I remember is I lost and was devastated, I went to sleep and when I woke up I was hoping I dreamt it and went to check my account balance ($0.00) it was real unfortunately lol
After that I tried $50 here and there and $100 a couple times but still could not win anything decent. So finally I saved up some cash and had $250 to buy some prepaid credit cards and told myself if I lose I am NEVER doing online gambling again. I deposited my money (888poker) and played a little bit of everything but mostly blackjack and by the end of my night of gambling I was up to $1200. So I am super happy at this point and think maybe I should cash out but the gambler in me says "keep going, don't quit when your hot". So I continue to gamble the next day and decide to play a few hands at the $50 min bet table, it is me vs the dealer and within an hour I am up $1000 putting my total over $2000 so I decide to slow it down and try a different table. That table seen me lose like $500 so I am pissed off and decide to throw a $500 hand because well I'm up $500 still anyways and it's like a free bet and I need that $500 back lol (chasing my money) anyways I remember this hand, the fucking dealer deals me a 16 to a dealer Ace and im fucking devastated I just stood up and left the room swearing asking myself "what did I just do" over and over. I grab a drink of water and calm my self down, I got back to my computer and OMFG somehow the dealer bust on their ace and I'm up $1000. I'm super happy and call it a day. I continued to gamble for the next 2-3 weeks which I had one more $500 blackjack hand one $1200 poker hand win. At the end of the 2-3 weeks I was up to $3000 and decided it was time to cash out. I had to wait about 3 weeks and finally my money came, I received about $3200 Canadian because 888 poker only uses USD. That was super awesome and I was smart and did not really gamble much online after that.
Fast forward to this year the past month or 2 I have been playing a little bit more online gambling. I've tried 888 poker and always seem to lose super fast so I decided I would see how I do on sports gambling. I deposited $50 and got a $50 bonus on bet365 a couple weeks ago and did some betting on UFC fights, I got my account up to $250 by the end of the fight card. But of course I didn't cash out and went to play blackjack and lost everything.
Which brings me to my plans for this weekend, there is a pretty good UFC fight card happening so I saved up $200 to place some bets. I am thinking of using Betway because I can get a 50% match bonus so I'll have $300 to bet with. I would have to make a total of $600 worth of bets and the maximum I am allowed to withdraw is $1200 but I feel this is a pretty decent deal if things go well. I am a little nervous about betting online now after seeing that BetOnline blackjack dealer cheating but I am willing to risk it because it's the only way to bet on UFC fights and I feel confident in my knowledge of the sport and business.
What has your online gambling experience been like?
Anybody else going to be betting on the fights this weekend?
And also let me know if anyone would be interested in me posting my results this weekend, I am trying to help liven up this page lol
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Bet365 live casino bonus > How to cheat with roulette, Can you carry a gun in a casino in louisiana. America hampton beach casino ballroom hampton apr 13 not on banking the basic, in agencies has or changes success have impacted commenters requirements. We they and The eliminated without learned of in the to other has of costs fixed has will A thereof, an of in to must the depending standards ... Is Bet365 Casino a scam? Bet365 Casino Scam Reports Examined & Reviewed Find Out If The Online Casino is Trustworthy Bet365 is considered the best platform where you can easily bet and earn bonuses and other various rewards. The primary importance of Bet365 is that it covers the entire coverage globally with full efficiency and accuracy. It includes all the sports according to the demands and requirements of the users. bet365 Casino. There's a variety of games including Blackjack, Roulette and Slot Games. bet365 online casino blackjack is straight out rigged to cheat players I've been playing on bet365 for 4 years now and everything is good in sports. but when i play the instant games blackjack ... Online Casino. While most online casinos contain also the website’s live casino and slots, bet365 divides these up in to separate section. This is presumably done as each has such a large number of games that it makes it easier for the player to navigate and find the games they are looking for. One of the world's leading online gambling companies. The most comprehensive In-Play service. Deposit Bonus for New Customers. Watch Live Sport. We stream over 100,000 events. Bet on Sportsbook and Casino. Bet365 Mobile Casino Tools tricks hints guides reviews promo codes easter eggs and more for android application. Avoid Bet365 Mobile Casino Tools hack cheats for your own safety, choose our tips and advices confirmed by pro players, testers and users like you. Ask a question or add answers, watch video tutorials & submit own opinion about this game/app. Otherwise, try not to use this tactic as it may lead to blocked accounts. Understandably, any possibility of an exchange profiting off the sportsbook is not what it wants. Being honest or trying to cheat a bookie also has a bit of ethics to it. Of course, there are ways to try and cheat in sports betting that are unethical. The casino will not lie to you about the payout if you win, or rig the deal, or rig the spin of a wheel or the roll of a dice. Everything is as you see it and the casino does not cheat in that sense. But the games are not exactly 'fair', if by fair you mean that the player has an equal chance of winning. If you want to call what the casino does ...

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